Photos4sale Prices

We offer two great pricing options:

1: FREE - photos included in your event entry, subsidised by event and or event sponsors.

2: PWYW - Pay What You Want! You decide what you want to pay for your photos.
We take pride in our work here at Photos4sale, we strive to create memories you can treasure forever. We would love to know what you think of our work and there is no better way to give us feedback than by naming your price and telling us how much these photos are worth to you. This is why we have decided to trial a new pricing system in early 2015. Yes, it's a risky move - but we trust the quality of our work and, more importantly, we trust our customers at each event and the wider trail running and cycling communities to pay what they believe to be a fair price for the work we deliver.

All files are sent electronicly, via email and / or secure third party hosting. Prices are for digital files only (not prints).

Click the image right / below to view a full res example.

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